Here you will find answers to the most popular questions about my services. If you didn't find the answer here, I''ll be glad to help you by email - anna@zoomversations.nl

Why might I need your support for online event, can't I just organize it myself?
There're few reasons to invite professional facilitator:
First, we hold a special knowledge on how to plan, execute and facilitate an event. Every single detail, from email coming to participants, questions asked or when to press each button is purposefully designed. We have professional facilitator partners and special production equipment to deliver the best experience.
One more reason - inviting 3rd party person not holding any bias or attachment towards your challenge or outcomes is always beneficial. This allows facilitator to fully focus on creating the space for the group to unlock their best selves, to support them and to guide them toward desired outcome.
Why Zoomversations is different?
Traditional events often look like this: 90% passively listening to the speaker, 10% engaging in the chat or asking with a video talking over each other. No surprise camera's go off, "why do we meet together online to watch TV if you can just see the recording?".
While we turn this around with XCHANGE method: increasing % of Active participation (could be up to 80-90), we involve everyone's voices. Professional facilitation and use of technology makes it smooth and seamless. Participants of all our events often forget they're not in one room together.
"Great experience not different from live communication, just missing hugs" - in their words!
Are you working alone?
It highly depends on complexity of the event and number of participants. I can run some engagements by myself, and, whenever needed and possible, I invite my partners - professional facilitators to make an experience even better.
What are some examples of results other companies achieved ?
Companies, communities and non-profits invited facilitators of the method we use and:
  • Created community or company vision, values or guiding principles
  • Amplified company values and made them alive
  • Helped team of engineers to co-create an outcome as a group or solve complex problem
  • Engaged employees of merged organizations
  • Engaged employees to new way of working - online or hybrid
  • Helped team to build the resilience once world has turned upside down in 2020
  • Engaged industry clients into a community to become industry leader and gather product feedback
  • Engaged participants of personal development conference on a new level
  • And many more!
Most of events described above had an impact on collective (organization or community) level, while sometimes impact is possible at Individual - for example conferences or trainings, or both individual and collective levels.
How long can event run?
It highly depends on needs of a company or organization. It could be few ways of working:
  • 1 time 1,2,4 hour online event
  • 1-2-3 day summit, with optional follow-up online or in-person event
  • Program of several 90-120 min online events spread through several weeks or months
What is included in your services and what will be required from me?
Our services included everything from pre-event planning to execution- see the full list here.
During our process we will ask you questions to define desired outcomes and create event design for your sign-up. Depending on situation, we might recommend to involve more stakeholders or "early adopters" into event planning to make it successful.
We will provide email communications and all required online tools for creating outcomes by a group, however it's always up-to organization if you will have other preferences.

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